Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer's here! Joy to the Northern Hemisphere!

Hi everyone, how goes it? I'm sitting at home, marvelling at how lazy I am :-) again.

For those who don't know I jut got back from New Zealand last week... it was my sister Karyn's 40th B'day (ooops sorry 23rd B'day) and if anyone deserved a (I hope) neat surprise this year she certainly did. So without telling anyone (except Gav) I jumped on a plane and surprised her by being in her office when she unlocked her door! Actually it truly was a really neat moment - then we proceeded to agree to never surprise each other again - we were even LOL. Mum and Dad were also unaware and got quite the surprise later that day when they showed up to go out for dinner and I was making a cuppa in the kitchen.

So to get the burning question answered for all, how is everyone doing back home... We're still a long way away from really well - after all its only been 4-5 months since we were done with the hospital. But certainly considering everything, pretty darn good with definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Mum is struggling as her colostomy has herniated so she calls it her "third boob" and is pretty much in constant pain. So she is waiting for a surgery date come the end of this month / early July to try reversing it again (putting her back to the beginning again for another 8 weeks). Dad's hand is responding to being used and a little therapy which is awesome - totally a 'if you don't use it you'll lose' it kinda thing. Walking and moving around brilliantly. But also has a lot of issues with aches and pains... Emotionally - I think we've hit the hard part, the realization that this really really really sucks, life will never be the same, plans we've made over the years maybe affected, we're not as young as we used to be, and this is gonna take a lot longer to play out than we really realise is making day to day a struggle; despite the facade of normality. Also the severity of their injuries that night and lack of oxygen/blood to ones brain can leave some subtle changes to memory, personalities, mental function that sort of thing - so we'll see......

It's true - life will never be the same for all of us and those around us because of the accident - but then who the hell would want life to be the same always anyway. At the end of the day - yes its constantly in the back of our minds, yes it influences the things we do and choose from here on in. But all of those are choices and we can choose at some point for that to be a positive influence or choose the darker route. You know life is a struggle - but life only gives us as much as you can handle - if we choose to make good choices. Regrets, grudges, sour feelings, we all have them - and we've all have our hand in creating them. I guess its whether or not we choose to let them run our lives or run our lives despite them. Someone has to be the person who takes the first step to keeping connected... and the only person you have any control over is yourself... Choose whats important - not what is the easiest....

As I just read; don't strive to be perfect, you'll always fail - strive to be good... remembering you'll fail at that too - but most of the times you can and will succeed!!!

Enough already... so I was sitting watching TV last night after it got dark and I noticed something out the window that bought a smile to my face... Fireflies; this is my cue that summer is here and it will be warm from here on in! Yipeee. When I got back from NZ last week I marvelled at how much the gardens had grown and the colours that abounded. This is the first year that the entire development has been completed with grass and flower beds - and it looks fantastic. Spring bulbs are blooming, trees are covered in leaves, the Goldfinches are bright bright gold (they go grey in the winter), and my new garden down the back fence is coming away! We had our first "Drinks in the Driveway" event with the neighbours - impromptu beers with lawn chairs in someones drive... happens all summer long.... fun! Looking good.

(Mingo stalking chipmunks that have a burrow under the rock.... he sits there literally for hours)

I came home to a bit of a lack of work; which means I've got to spend some time on the free medical clinic I help manage here in town which has been good. It's been running a year now and we're slowly getting more and more organised.

We see about 30 odd folks a "clinic" so it keeps us busy as it's only on Saturdays for 4 hours! I totally love it - it's a chance to really help folks without the politics of having a boss. We actually get to be real and honest with patients - rather than feeding them a line of B.S. - which means we can really really affect some change in folks lives rather than just enable them to do nothing! Then its also the kind of place where the volunteers have a similar outlook on life as you do - so we work really well together. Love it - did I mention that???? :-)

So despite the above - did I mention that I'm really lazy. So I haven't even unpacked my small suitcase from last week yet! Sad huh! Actually doing the web site is 'preventing' me from doing the washing that I need to get done... Pathetic huh! I have however managed to finish two books. The jet lag is still kicking my butt as well. Find myself staying up all night till 3-4am and not getting out of bed until 1-2pm which makes for a wasted day to say the least. Gavin's off the next 4 days so hopefully he'll help me get back in time. I need to get more active and not be so lazy... sad and pathetic.

So whats coming up this week - who knows. Might try and talk Gavin into going and doing a overnight stay somewhere - just the two of us... a B&B somewhere in the countryside. It's suppose to rain next two days so we'll see. I'm sure Gavin may have some trout fishing plans hidden in the back of his mind that I don't know about :-) I guess I might need to find another book :-(

Well until then - I hope this finds everyone well. It seem like a bunch of our cousins are procreating (either just given birth or announced impending events)... so Gav and I wish them all well from Reno Nevada to Wellington to New Zealand and quite a few spots in between. Remember to post pics somewhere online!

Also keep Mum in your prayers as she gets ready for the next round of surgery - we're all very confident in regards to the surgeon but as one could imagine very nervous about the event in general... it will be hard to back at square one yet again, Mums quite scared. Also my Iowa Dad has been messing around with an irregular heart beat last few months and will be having a visit with the Cath lab on the 22nd for a procedure to try and stop it as the medications haven't worked - so keep him in mind as well. Continues prayers for my Iowa Aunty Karen with her continued breast cancer treatments, my cousin Andrews little girls kidney issues, Jessica's asthma and my laziness!!! And I'm sure Ive forgotten folks - as I always do....

Also to those whom I didn't get to catch up with in NZ last week. My intentions were there - but time once again slipped away... I'm sorry.....

So there it goes - another mindless garbled entry in the life of Nicky... enjoy!

Hugs to everyone, Love Nic and Gav

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